Wisconsin ACE Interface Project, 2014-2020

The Wisconsin ACE Interface Project proudly presents ACE Interface to a wide array of groups and communities throughout the state. Our volunteer trainers teach schools, health systems, law enforcement agencies, and many other community groups to identify and respond to the toxic stress of childhood adversity. The curriculum focuses on spreading awareness of the impact adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) have on health and longevity and increasing preventive efforts.

The curriculum was created by Dr. Rob Anda, co-principal investigator of the ACE study, and Laura Porter, of Washington State. Both are co-founders of ACE Interface.

The mission of Wisconsin ACE Interface is: To promote awareness of ACEs throughout Wisconsin; to create a shift in perspective in how we view health and social issues; and to inspire a new approach to building healthy and resilient communities.

Wisconsin has a cohort of trainers authorized to present ACE Interface. The project is co-sponsored by Wisconsin Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board and SaintA and administered by SaintA.

To request an ACE Interface training presentation, please Submit an Inquiry Form

For more information, read Sara Daniel’s blog post on ACEs:
SaintA Leads Wisconsin Discussion on Adverse Childhood Experiences

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