SaintA is Becoming Wellpoint Care Network

After 171 years of caring for the children and families of Wisconsin, we’ve decided it’s time for a change. Our mission, values, service array and talented workforce are staying the same, but our new name, exactly captures what we’ve been doing successfully for years – creating wellness.

In All We Do, Wellness is the Point.

We remain committed to addressing the impact of trauma, preventing adversity and promoting resilience for the people in our care through providing mental health care, training and child and family services. We continue to advance wellness for the people in our care, our community and beyond.
  • After 171 years of caring for the children and families of Wisconsin and beyond, the name Wellpoint accurately reflects what our organization has been successfully doing all along: We facilitate wellness for the people we serve.
  • Grounding the name “Wellpoint” with the words “Care Network” in the new, full form of our name assists in explaining that we provide care as part of a broader community network of care. We support the people in our care by advancing their own wellness, as well as the wellness of our entire community.
  • Wellpoint Care Network captures who we are, as well as our vision moving forward. It is simple (wellness is something all humans need and strive for), yet complex (wellness is achieved not through one step, but by having multiple needs met. We use the Five Pillars of Stability Framework to define the keys to wellness). No matter how we change and evolve, creating a point of wellness for others will always be something we strive to achieve.
Together, we begin to embark on creating a new identity, yet continue the mission and vision that grounds us in our work.

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