We Have a New SaintA Family Center

The SaintA Family Services Department is excited to share that we moved into a new space to facilitate our family interactions in a more family friendly environment. In mid-December, we moved into part of the shared Lad Lake and St. Rose Youth and Family Center building, at 3801 N. 88th St. It’s just down the block from our Capitol Drive location.

Family Center

We have nine family rooms in this new space. They’re used for parents visiting their children who are currently placed in out-of-home care (generally foster care or relative placements) and receiving case management services through the Family Case Management program with SaintA.

The rooms offer a more home-like setting than most traditional supervised visitation programs, because we really want to provide a much more comfortable space for parents and their children to spend time together. Each room is furnished with a couch, a recliner, and an area rug, which are all perfect for story time.

Family Center

The rooms also include a variety of toys and activities for different ages and developmental levels. We have these on hand so that parents can engage in active play with their children. Each room also has a table and chairs for families to have a meal together, play board games, do homework or even art projects.

We are also excited about things to come, including finishing our kitchen space. It will be equipped with a refrigerator and microwave, so that we can help families provide a healthy meal for their children during this time, dining room tables for the homelike atmosphere, a reading corner, and a craft/art area.

We’ve gotten lots of positive feedback on the center. Parents have told us they really like it, and that makes us as well as them happy!


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