The New SaintA Family Center

Visitation is a vital service for clients with children placed in out-of-home care. The SaintA Family Center helps provide a home-like environment for families during visit times. Our Family Center recently moved to our site at 8901 W. Capitol Drive, and now it feels more like home than ever.

Rhiannon Campbell
Rhiannon Campbell

While the old center served the Family Engagement team well, it was time for a change and an expansion. The new Family Center provides more room for the families we serve, going from eight to 12 visitation rooms. Family Services is a rapidly expanding program, and having this larger space allows us to more comfortably serve the families with whom we work.

The new center also boasts a much larger work area for the staff to spend time between visits at the Capitol Drive location. The new work space is separate from the Family Center, which provides a quiet space for employees to work in, helping staff to be more productive in the short amount of time they have between visits and transports.

The new Family Center also feels more like home. Each room is carpeted, which helps to make the rooms cozy and reduce noise. Each room also has its own window, which provides plenty of natural light — at least when the Wisconsin weather allows the sun to shine!

Family Center

Instead of being numbered, the rooms are now themed around movies, TV shows, animals or objects that are familiar to children and parents. The themed rooms bring a bit of familiarity to children who are often experiencing an array of emotions during this stressful time in their lives.

Overall the transition to the new location for the Family Center has been a good one. Every change or transition comes with some stress and hesitation, but everyone has handled the change well, especially the families we work with. The new Family Center feels like a move in the right direction for SaintA.

Interested in learning more about our family programs? Visit the Family Services page.


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