The Golden Rule, Child Welfare Style

I remember as a kid hearing almost all of the adults in my life reference the golden rule. Like any typical kid, I thought blah blah, blah. Do unto others.

As an adult, I find myself referencing the golden rule with my own kids (and getting a similar response or eye roll).

Alison McMorrow
Alison McMorrow

When I first started out in my professional career, I worked in children’s mental health. I worked with families when their kiddos were having a psychiatric crisis. It was at that time that the golden rule finally made real life sense. I wanted to treat the families I was working with the same way that I would want to be treated if in a similar situation.

The same is said for working in child welfare. I want to treat families, kiddos, foster parents and any other party the same way that I would want someone to treat my family if I were involved in child welfare. I would want someone to be understanding of my anger, fright, and frustration with the system as a whole. Do unto others is part of the SaintA way.

I often witness client interactions (in person or on the phone) where I hear our SaintA staff treating families with the utmost respect and providing excellent customer service. I am honored to work with a large team of folks that embrace the golden rule and live it each and every day.


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