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Program Seeks to Keep Kids out of Child Welfare

SaintA has an exceptional child welfare program, but a new endeavor aims to keep families out of it completely. The Early Intervention Services (EIS) program, a subset of the agency’s Intensive In-Home Program, is a short- term intervention that connects families with long-term supports. EIS case managers work with Initial Assessment (IA), the government entity that receives and analyzes reports of … Continue

Family Services Supervisor Joins Panel About Vel Phillips

On Feb. 28, Penny Liddell, SaintA family services supervisor, celebrated Black History Month along with FBI Milwaukee and several other notable organizations by remembering Vel Phillips. She joined Chief Judge Maxine Aldridge White, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service Deputy Editor Adam Carr and Professor of History at Marquette University Dr. Robert Smith for a panel hosted by FBI Milwaukee’s Diversity and Inclusion … Continue

Event Explores Everyone’s Role in Race, Trauma and Healing

From a recorded welcome by Oprah Winfrey to input from a variety of local and nationally recognized experts, 1,400 people came together at the city’s new Fiserv Forum Wednesday evening Sept. 26 to learn how to do their part to heal Milwaukee.A Community Gathering on Race and Trauma was hosted by SaintA and sponsored by Scaling Wellness in Milwaukee, SWIM, … Continue

Healing Trauma Conference Provides Information, Hope

With sold-out attendance on both days, the Healing Trauma, Healthy Communities conference Sept. 27 and 28 at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee tackled questions of how to understand trauma and its effects and how to create and maintain healthy communities. The conference was hosted by SaintA and sponsored by SWIM, Scaling Wellness in Milwaukee, a multi-disciplinary group dedicated to inspiring … Continue

Case Management Specialty Focuses on Sex Trafficking

Imagine you are a vulnerable young girl, with a history of family disruption and abuse, little to no parental involvement, and possible mental health needs. Along comes a very smooth young man with a cute, gentle name such as Pooh Bear. He’s nice looking, he buys you hair extensions and nice clothes, pays for you to have your nails done, … Continue

In the United States, Let’s Choose the Children

The images of despair at our southern border have been difficult to watch, and even harder to comprehend. We are encouraged by yesterday’s Executive Order stating that family unity is an imperative along with border security, but remain concerned about the safety and wellbeing of the children. As a 168-year-old human services organization whose vision is for every child and … Continue

National Nonprofit Leader and Innovator Joins SaintA as Vice President of Strategy, Innovation

SaintA has announced that Polina Makievsky will join the national leader in trauma-informed care on June 18 as Vice President of Strategy and Innovation. Makievsky presently serves as Senior Vice President of Knowledge, Leadership and Innovation for the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities. SaintA has 10 years of experience in the implementation of its trauma-informed model of care and … Continue

Trauma Informed Care Discussed Internationally

On April 5, SaintA participated in an international discussion about the importance of trauma-informed care. Wisconsin First Lady Tonette Walker hosted a Norwegian government Delegation of about twenty individuals interested in learning more about trauma response and how to best intervene. SaintA participated in the breakfast at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, along with a number of Wisconsin-based non-profits concerned … Continue

How One Screening Changed A Life

Skyilar, age 20, was a high school senior when they first learned about something called an ACE screening. It’s a series of questions about adverse childhood experiences (or ACEs). It doesn’t take long to complete and it’s relatively easy to find online (we like this one from NPR if you’re new to the idea; also available at the bottom of … Continue

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