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Residential Program Creates “SaintA’s Family Song”

A few weeks ago, we told you about a music- and relationship-building program in SaintA Residential. You can read that story, Mobile Beat Lab Brings More Than Music to Residential here. The six-week program culminated this week in a number of finished recordings, which were burned onto CDs and given to the Residential (Res) boys to keep for themselves or … Continue

Mobile Beat Lab Brings More Than Music to Residential

Beyonce. Dr. Dre. The Weekend. Hilton Morris and SHIFT students are leading song-writing and beat-making sessions for Res boys. Those are just three of the most popular answers given by SaintA Residential (Res) boys in response to the always-tough-to-pick-just-one question: Who’s your favorite musical artist? The boys were gathered at the Franciscan Room of the SaintA Capitol Drive campus on … Continue

Hip-Hop Classes Help Residential Boys Shine in Many Ways

“So, how was your day today? Can you name one good thing one of the other boys did that made you feel good? You know, this is about appreciation … A big part of appreciation is trust. And sometimes you have to appreciate yourself, too.” Not exactly the way you’d expect a hip-hop dance class to start, with kids sitting … Continue

Activities Bring Fun and Enhance Childhoods

Among the many goals of experiential therapy are to offer young people a chance to overcome perceived limitations, experience success, explore activities and find new reasons to be, in order to reach certain areas of the brain that may not be affected optimally with talk therapy. For Abbi Myers, who just took over this position in SaintA’s Residential Treatment program, … Continue

Lego Based Therapy Works, and It’s Fun!

A couple of months ago, a friend shared a Facebook link for Lego Based Therapy by LeGoff, Gomez de la Cuesta, Krauss and Baron-Cohen, which describes how to use cooperative Lego-building to help teach social and communication skills to youth who are on the Autism spectrum. Over the past year or so, I had been having discussions with co-workers about … Continue

Our Trauma-Informed Star, From Beginning to End

Most people in the agency have had some interaction with Ron Klemp, the occupational therapist for SaintA. He has worked directly with the staff and boys in our Residential Treatment, Care Coordination and Treatment Foster Care programs. He has been an ever present smiling face, entertaining staff and residents with his magic tricks, his beautiful garden (which he created as … Continue

Carnival Exemplifies Trauma Informed Goals and Practices

I would like to share with everyone how impressed I was with the R/R (rhythmic/repetitive) Carnival that Residential youth counselor Blair Grover and the staff of our Endeavor unit staff put on March 26. R/R activities are part of SaintA’s focus on trauma informed care; this type of activity helps to calm a child’s brain and promotes self-regulation in children … Continue

Student Showcases Highlight Talents, Pride

In an effort to make learning more interactive and fun for the students in our Transitions Therapeutic School, we started student showcases during the 2013-14 school year, and we will continue them in the upcoming 2014-15 year. At the end of each month of the school year, our students and staff hosted a “gallery” where they displayed their work, be … Continue

Former Residential Client Remembers Time Here Fondly

Frank Horton has done a lot since he left SaintA’s Residential program almost four years ago. After going to a foster home, the 19-year-old graduated from Richland Center High School in 2013. Then he went into WisCorps, a nonprofit organization that gives young people experience in conservation efforts on public land. He attended the University of Wisconsin–Richland Center for a … Continue

Special Drums to Fill Special Needs

When Dennis Jensen saw his step-grandson, whom we’ll call Tim, drum in a SaintA Christmas program, he though he could do something to step things up a bit. Tim is in the Residential program and its Transitions Therapeutic School (TTS), and the performance was part of the performing arts work the boys do with Express Yourself Milwaukee. Mr. Jensen wasn’t … Continue

Giant Therapy Dog Brings Many Small Miracles

A 110-pound, long-haired dog with a big smile, a long tongue and impeccable manners produced many minor miracles his first night working with six boys in SaintA’s residential program. Abi Myers with Moose. Bullwinkle Moose, Moose for short, is a therapy dog who interacted with the boys under the supervision of his owner, Kay Bobb, and youth counsel Abigail Myers. … Continue

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