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A Little Encouragement Goes a Long Way

Sometimes all it takes is encouragement. Shlonda never had much. Then when case manager in SaintA’s Independent Living Services (ILS) program reached out to her, things started to change. Shlonda is 26 and has been with ILS, which helps former foster children achieve successful and independent adult lives, for five years. Her younger sister first became a participant in the … Continue

The ILS De-Stress

As the supervisor of SaintA’s Independent Living Services programming, I’ve often been asked, “Are you crazy?” The question arises following my explanation of what ILS is all about. I ponder the inquiry and respond, “a little bit crazy, yep.” I smile as I say this, acknowledging the sense of humor one must have to do this job. Those inquiring parents … Continue

Caring Program Turns Ed’s Life Around

Ed was in foster care since he was 2 years old. He bounced through 20 different homes and five different group homes. At age 20, he found SaintA’s Independent Living Services, and his life totally changed. For three years Ed has been a participant in the Supportive Permanent Housing program, which provides housing, the daily needs of life and case … Continue

National Journal Features Story on SaintA Work With Infants, Moms

Zero to Three, a national peer-reviewed academic journal, features a story in its July 2014 issue on SaintA’s work with the Parents Interacting With Infants (PIWI) program. PIWI seeks to promote better mother-child interaction, to enhance healthy brain development and break the cycle of abuse. Our Independent Living Services brought PIWI last year to a group of young-mother clients and … Continue

Making Up for Lost Time

“There is no substitute for hard work” —Thomas Edison Remember your first day on the job? Likely you experienced this milestone in your teen years, maybe as a young adult. Likely you started with an entry level job: fast food, service sector, retail. We all started somewhere. Chances are you received some coaching/direction from the adult caregivers in your life: … Continue

Know the Law and Have Some Fun

In February the SaintA Independent Living Services department connected with the Milwaukee Police Department’s STOP Program, and three police officers came to SaintA’s to meet with our participants. Our goal was to educate our young adults, most of whom are former foster children, about the law and what is legal and what is illegal. Because of their lack of stability … Continue

A Solid Relationship Turns a Life Around

This is a story of Shanay finally finding a home …within herself. Shanay entered SaintA’s Independent Living Services program when she was 18; that was four years ago. Shanay’s birth family has extensive history within the child welfare system. As one of many siblings in the foster care system, Shanay learned early on that trust was non-existent, and the best … Continue

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