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Functional Family Therapy Turns a Family Around

When SaintA therapist Lindsay Price started working with a family, the 14-year-old boy had stolen a car, was getting into fights at school, threatening his 8-year-old sister, and being disrespectful to his mother and grandmother. By the end of five months working with Functional Family Therapy (FFT), things had dramatically improved. But getting there required a steady, step-by-step process — … Continue

New Family Therapy Program Bringing Results

What is the answer to the violence and crime that is going on in our city right now? I think that is the million-dollar question that many key figures in the community, various organizations, churches and concerned citizens are striving to answer. Our secretary of the Department of Children and Families, Eloise Anderson, did some research on the Functional Family … Continue

Team Practices Self-Care by Painting Together

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of depths. These persons have appreciation, sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.” — Elisabeth Kuber-Ross Our team and … Continue

A Story of Transitions, Families and Love

During my 16-year career in child welfare, I have seen a lot of transitions. I’m now a supervisor in SaintA’s Family Services, but I have had several different roles getting to this point. I was thinking recently how that reflects what the families we serve go through. Their whole experience with the child welfare system is a series of transitions. … Continue

A Rough Road Led to Getting Her Kids Back

Trisha bounces her wide-eyed toddler at her dining room table as she talks about being a crack addict. Her house is tidy and the little girl is happy and healthy. Keeping this child, and being reunified with three others, is what drove Trisha ultimately to get clean. That, plus the cocaine was killing her. “It makes you numb to reality,” … Continue

Setting a Course During a Time of Distress

Sarah Dobs sees families at a very distressing time in their lives. Negativity and grief are in abundance. Parents and children are confused and emotionally distraught. That’s why she focuses on being empathetic and observing quietly as much as possible. Her job and that of two other Family Services assessors is to reach out to parents after a judge has … Continue

Active Parenting Turns the Tide

When Patsy Reedy was asked to attend an Active Parenting Now class through SaintA’s Family Services, she was a bit insulted. Patsy Reedy “I thought, ‘I don’t need no parenting class!’ And this was like being back at school!” But then her case manager, Kimberly Moran, told her to just try it, that it might help her. “I thought, ‘I’m … Continue

Spreading the Word on Functional Family Therapy

On June 23, SaintA, in a partnership with Department of Child and Family Services, had the great pleasure of introducing the Functional Family Therapy program (FFT) to Milwaukee. Understanding the need to provide support and encouragement for Milwaukee’s at-risk youth and their families, FFT aims to provide strength-based and solutions-focused therapy that not only supports the identified youth but engages … Continue

Kinship Stability, Caregiver Support Benefit Families

Since October of 2012, SaintA Caregiver Support specialists have been working to help ensure stability in out-of-home placements with relatives. The Caregiver Support Program is voluntary, but we understand that the first 30 days of having a child placed in someone’s home can be a challenging experience. So, our team (Allison Curtiss-Jaworski, Nikeyah Flagg, April Lowther, Michelle Lim, and Abigail … Continue

Mom Goes From Frustration to Family Harmony

A simple thing like giving her children choices when they want a snack has gone a long way for Kayla Fleury. “It used to be, “You do what I say; I’m your mom!’ ” Kayla said. But through the help of SaintA case manager Krista Stauder and Kimberly Greenwald, a family engagement specialist, Kayla has learned a lot and brought … Continue

Creativity, Teamwork Key Tools for Case Manager

Being an ongoing case manager requires flexibility, perseverance – and often a fair amount of teamwork. A recent case handled by Lilia Figueroa, a lead ongoing case manager at SaintA, illustrates this well. Lilia is 26 years old and has worked at SaintA for four years. She took this position right out of college and is working on a master’s … Continue

Determination and a Little Help Put Drugs in Past, Kids in Mom’s Life

Katie Powers is only 32, but the roller-coaster life she has endured – and survived — has made her an older and wiser soul. She credits SaintA case worker Angie Hurd with literally saving her life and says that, if not for Angie, her outcome probably would have been much different. Katie Powers with Nadia and Derek Katie was a … Continue

Family Stability Program Kicks Off With Open House

SaintA’s Family Stability Program is here at last! Our three Family Stability specialists, Iris Barrios, Jessica Kotsakis, and Allison McCool, have hit the ground running. They are working diligently to create strong relationships with community agencies within Milwaukee and the surrounding areas. With these relationships, SaintA and Capitol West Academy families will have more timely access to resources that address … Continue

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