Tag: Adverse Childhood Experiences

Trauma Informed Care Discussed Internationally

On April 5, SaintA participated in an international discussion about the importance of trauma-informed care. Wisconsin First Lady Tonette Walker hosted a Norwegian government Delegation of about twenty individuals interested in learning more about trauma response and how to best intervene. SaintA participated in the breakfast at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, along with a number of Wisconsin-based non-profits concerned … Continue

How One Screening Changed A Life

Skyilar, age 20, was a high school senior when they first learned about something called an ACE screening. It’s a series of questions about adverse childhood experiences (or ACEs). It doesn’t take long to complete and it’s relatively easy to find online (we like this one from NPR if you’re new to the idea; also available at the bottom of … Continue

Healing the ‘Hole in the Soul’

What does it take to improve a city’s economic plight? To curb its violence? Or to bring the crime rate down and graduation rates up? There’s a good chance the answer will depend on the experiences and expertise of the person you’re asking. However, there is now one, highly influential, voice to help unify our thinking about the underlying cause … Continue

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