7 Gift Ideas for a Small Budget

The SaintA Toy Drive was started several years ago with the idea that every child deserves something special during the holidays. We know that it can often be difficult to pick out the perfect gift for any kid, regardless of their story; so we compiled a list of seven great gift ideas for any child, that will fit within your budget!

We are currently collecting 2,000 new toys and gift cards (each valued at $15). If you’d like to make the holidays a little brighter for a child in the foster care system, you can help in a few different ways. You can either host a toy drive or make a donation to our Toy Drive (both online and at one of our many drop-off locations)!

1. Yo-Yos!


2. Puzzles


3. Beads!

Also consider a do-it-yourself jewelry kit or a dress up kit!

4. Books!


5. Dinosaurs!


6. Dolls!


7. LEGOs!



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