School Based Services

Therapists work in schools with students who have emotional and behavioral challenges. The focus is on intervening early to help children function successfully within their schools and prevent the need for more costly and intensive treatment and alternative school placements.

We assess student needs and develop individualized treatment goals, with:

  • Weekly individual therapy sessions in the school, focused on improving school functioning and performance
  • Family therapy and support in the home or community
  • Teacher consultation weekly on specific students’ needs and whole classroom interventions
  • Group therapy focused on a variety of topics depending on needs identified by the school district

We also provide trainings to increase staff capacity to work successfully with students.

Helpful Resources

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Trauma-Sensitive Schools Learning Modules
School Mental Health Project
Child Trauma Toolkit for Educators
Helping Traumatized Children Learn
The Heart of Learning and Teaching Compassion, Resiliency and Academic Success
101 Classroom Interventions

For more information, contact:

Carey Jacobsen
Integrated Community Treatment Program Manager
1511 Barton Ave., Unit A
West Bend, WI 53090
(262) 844-6310

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