Foster Care and Foster-to-Adopt

SaintA has a long history of providing out-of-home care. We have been licensing and supporting safe, nurturing foster homes since 1984. As children are all different, we need families and individuals from all cultures, family structures and backgrounds. Foster/adoptive parenting represents an investment in the future of not only a child, but also our community.

Foster parents must be 21 years old; they can be single, married or partnered. They can be employed outside the home and can have children of their own at home. Other requirements include criminal background checks and appropriate space in a home for a child in foster care. Foster parents are also asked to be flexible enough to welcome a child into their home on short notice to the best of their ability. Most importantly, foster/adoptive parents must have love and patience – and a sense of humor always helps!

Grow Hope at SaintA

You don’t have to be perfect, have the perfect home or perfect family to become a foster/adoptive parent. Contact us. We will answer your questions and walk you through the process. There are many children in our community who need your help.

Because the needs are so great – and the rewards greater – we have a separate website dedicated to foster care and adoption. The site is a rich source of information for current and prospective foster, adoptive parents. Please visit
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