Seeing Ourselves as a “Reason to Be”

Reasons To Be

When I was a kid, it was hard to see past what was for lunch, but for some kids, the thought of transportation to school or joining a new summer camp is unnerving when every day one may ask, where will I sleep tonight? Will I be safe? Will I eat dinner?

When we talk about Reason to Be with kids, we focus not on their experiences and their behaviors, but on their strengths, their goals and their dreams. Focusing on the gifts and talents of the youth we serve paves the way for kids to see past their experiences and learn to believe in their own potential as an individual who deserves to be heard and to express themselves openly.

Sarah Dunlap
Sarah Dunlap

Exploring a kid’s reason to be can be done in many ways, such as through projects, music, games, job experiences, and the list goes on. Let’s say we ask kids to take out a piece of paper, draw a line from point A (birth) to point B (present day.) Then, on the line, kids are instructed to write down significant events that have taken place in their lives. Then ask the children, do these events define you?

Reason to Be:

Reason to be creates a sense of purpose or direction for individuals by ensuring they’re connected to family, community and culture. It is bolstered by resiliency – a combination of the individual’s internal attributes and the external resources that support them.

-Excerpt from Seven Essential Ingredients for implementation of Trauma Informed Care,

At SaintA, we are committed to seeing the whole person, from A to B, and recognizing the impact of the question, “What happened to you?” The Reason to Be ingredient encourages staff to work with passion, understanding and the motivation to empower teens and young adults to recognize their role in decision making and to believe in themselves.

For many who experience stress, suffering, fear and other adversities at an early age, it is hard to see behind the walls that are put up for protection. However, at SaintA we work hard to build trusting relationships while we explore the possibilities that exist for pursuing each young person’s individual reason to be.

Like many things that change with time and experience, a person’s goals will evolve. And, when those goals are rooted in self-confidence, self-love and determination, the possibilities are endless.

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