SaintA Trauma Work Rated as Exemplary

Milwaukee, Wis. (1/15/2014) -– The Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP), a national think tank based in Washington, D.C., has selected our trauma informed care work as one of 15 exemplary initiatives that are innovative and helping youth thrive. SaintA was selected out of 136 applications submitted from across the nation.

“Your real life examples give powerful insights into moving beyond risk reduction to build protective factors that help young people achieve and succeed,” the CSSP said in announcing the selection. Part of the selection process included a site visit to SaintA, with interviews with youth, families and staff. “What we have learned from this process has been truly inspirational.”

The initiatives lauded by the CSSP all exemplify the organization’s Youth Thrive framework, which is built upon five research-informed factors: youth resilience, social connections and concrete support in times of need, knowledge of adolescent development, cognitive and social-emotional competence in youth.

SaintA will provide CSSP and the child welfare field with examples of policies, training and programs that will be used to help influence program and policy change across the country.

“These 15 programs represent organizations and agencies that are achieving outcomes that are truly improving the well-being of very vulnerable youth,” said Susan Notkin, CSSP associate director. “They share a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities adolescents face, the impact of trauma they have experienced and the commitment needed to stick with them, no matter what.”

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