Restoring Connections in 2021

Uncertain times call for certain measures. And, when it comes supporting the thousands of children and families we serve and care for annually within our communities, we need your help more than ever.

A Growing Organization with a Defined Mission:

SaintA is Becoming Wellpoint Care Network

After 171 years of caring for the children and families of Wisconsin, SaintA decided it’s time for a change. Our mission, values, service array and talented workforce are staying the same, but our new name, Wellpoint Care Network, exactly captures what we’ve been doing successfully for years – creating wellness. In all we do, wellness is the point.

Our commitment will be stronger than ever in addressing the impact of trauma, preventing adversity and promoting resilience for the people in our care through providing mental health care, training and child and family services. We continue to advance wellness for the people in our care, our community and beyond. SaintA will officially become Wellpoint Care Network on January 1, 2022, and we are excited to invite you to partner with us as we continue to grow and evolve by supporting the excellent services we are able to offer through your donation.

We appreciate your consideration to support SaintA (soon to be Wellpoint Care Network) and the great work we provide to each and every person in our care. With a first-time gift or a renewal of your financial support, you are demonstrating your continued commitment and connection to SaintA, supporting our mission to assist in helping children and families thrive. We thank you in advance for your contribution. Together, our effort to support the needs of children and families within our communities can be stronger than ever before.

Learn more about how you can support SaintA.

Client Quote:

“I am very thankful for programs like YTA (Youth Transitioning into Adulthood), because it gives me hope that there is always someone out there working to make success a possibility for youth.” — YTA Client

Thank you for your consideration of a gift, as well as your partnership. Your gift will go directly to our Annual Campaign, and specifically, to fund the programs that support the children and families in our care. If you have any questions regarding SaintA’s Annual Appeal, please contact Starlet Hayes, VP of Fund Development, at 414-465-1313 or

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