Project Thrive

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Project Thrive is a partnership between SaintA, Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee (BGCGM) and the Medical College of Wisconsin. Thanks to a $2 million grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), we will provide increased access to evidence-based, trauma- informed assessments and treatments for children and families in the Milwaukee area.

Services will be provided at BGCGM sites to provide easy and accessible care in a trusted community setting. A key component of Project Thrive is data analysis, provided in partnership with the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Project Thrive will serve children and their families who have experienced:
  • Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Violence
  • Racism
  • Family Separation
  • Other trauma and mental health challenges
The program will support families by:
  • Creating and sustaining effective relationships within the community to reduce the stigma around trauma and mental health treatment
  • Enhancing the screening and assessment process to identify youth needs for treatment earlier and with greater efficiency
  • Increasing access to effective trauma-focused mental health services for diverse and economically disadvantaged children and families in Milwaukee
  • Providing training in trauma-informed practices to communities and child-serving systems; and
  • Creating sustainability for continued mental health treatment after completion of SAMHSA funding

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