The SaintA Approach

At SaintA, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to realize their full potential. Our mission is to facilitate equity, learning, healing and wellness by restoring the connections that help children and families thrive. We serve about 5,000 children, families and young adults every day through programs that support child and family well-being, promote mental health and foster connections to community resources.

Trauma Informed Care

All of SaintA’s services are provided from a Trauma Informed Care (TIC) perspective, a therapeutic approach that applies the study of neuroscience to understand how the brain develops, functions and recovers from trauma.

The Five Pillars of Stability

For children and families to thrive, they need to experience stability in their lives. Stability comes from having our needs met in five areas – health, education, housing, employment and caring connections. We call these the Five Pillars of Stability, and SaintA’s approach ensures that children. adults and families in our care are able to have their needs met in all areas.

The Seven Essential Ingredients

SaintA developed its own model of Trauma Informed Care that we call The Seven Essential Ingredients (7ei) of Trauma Informed Care. These ingredients—Prevalence, Impact, Perspective, Shift, Regulation, Relationship, Reason to Be, and Caregiver Capacity—inform everything we do, across all of our programs.

Equity and Inclusion Strategies

Woven throughout all of our work is a commitment to prioritizing Equity and Inclusion. Many of the people in our care have experienced the trauma of discrimination, racism and systemic inequities. We put equity at the center of our work because it is key to promote healing, opportunity and hope.

Crisis Resources

If you or someone you know is in danger, please call 911. For non-emergency crises, we are proud to offer a list of helpful national resources to help every individual in need.

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