NMT™ Flagship Status Recognizes Our Expertise

Milwaukee, Wis. (12/1/13) — SaintA is excited to announce that our agency has been granted NMT Flagship status from the ChildTrauma Academy (CTA). This makes us one of a select group of organizations worldwide that have been granted this status. In announcing the decision, the CTA noted that Flagship organizations have dedicated thousands of hours to master the core concepts and implementation of NMT in their clinical settings. Some “have demonstrated exceptional creativity and excellence in various program activities and a willingness to share with and learn from colleagues and other programs.”

The neurosequential model of therapeutics, or NMT, is a biologically informed way to assess when trauma occurred in a child’s development and create ways to mitigate its effects. It is the creation of Dr. Bruce Perry, a world-renowned expert on how trauma affects childhood development and behavior.

A sampling of the criteria organizations have to meet to be granted Flagship status includes:

  • Completed the full NMT site-certification process
  • Have done a minimum of 100 NMT metric reports, or follow-up reports, per year
  • Multiple senior clinicians have Train the Trainer status, and there is high compliance within the organization’s CTA-approved sustainability plan
  • Willing to teach, export and consult on the core concepts underlying developmentally aware and trauma-informed practices
  • Willing to serve as a site mentor to other organizations undergoing NMT certification.

As a Flagship organization, we will work with the CTA and the NMT network to continue to improve practice elements, create outcome-based modification in implementation, and generate quality evidence in context of developmentally sensitive, trauma informed programs. We also will develop and refine evidence-based practices with our organization and our community.

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