Local Athletic Club Teams Up to Collect Toys

Wisconsin Athletic Center Toy Drive

It’s been said if you want something done, ask a busy person. This strategy has come in handy for the SaintA Annual Toy Drive, thanks to the participation of some of Greater Milwaukee’s best-known – and busiest – athletic clubs. David Casper, Programming Manager at the Wisconsin Athletic Club (WAC) Menomonee Falls location, says the mission of putting toys in kids’ hands at the Holidays really resonates with their members. “We have a lot of families here and I think parents – whether clients, trainers or staff – have a special place in their hearts for all kids.”

Did you know about 25% of kids in foster care in Wisconsin are teenagers?

If you’d like to donate gift cards or money instead of toys for this age group, you can do so at this Support Us link. Be sure to select Toy Drive in the drop down menu!

If you’d like to host a toy drive, please contact Gina Aiello at 414.465.5735 or gaiello@sainta.org.

Pam Muellenbach, General Manager of the Greenfield WAC agrees. “At our club, a lot of staff members have little kids or are pregnant. So we are celebrating kids right now and the toy drive is just an extension of that.” She says there are also a lot of members who are empty-nesters or grandparents whose grandkids are growing up.

“This club really is a family – all of the WACs are,” says Pam. For David, the connection to the cause of foster kids comes from family friends who cared for a sibling group a few years ago. “The WAC’s tagline is, ‘We make a difference in people’s lives,’ and this is just one way we can make a difference outside of our four walls and our seven locations.”

There are other benefits of hosting a toy drive as well. ”This is team building for us. At our location, we have six toy-collection teams and staff has taken it upon themselves to make it a healthy competition,” says David. If you visit the Menomonee Falls WAC, you can’t miss their toy bins; they’re prominently displayed along a wall of the front lobby.

WAC at night

Both David and Pam say supporting the SaintA Toy Drive is something that’s encouraged by the WAC’s owners. They give credit to Randy Foss, Sales Manager from the Greenfield location, for making them aware of the opportunity to get involved.

“This is one thing, something easy, that we can do as a society to make the lives of foster kids a little bit better,” concludes David.

Get a full list of toy collection sites or get gift-buying ideas for kids here or for teens here.

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