Trauma Informed Care Discussed Internationally

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On April 5, SaintA participated in an international discussion about the importance of trauma-informed care. Wisconsin First Lady Tonette Walker hosted a Norwegian government Delegation of about twenty individuals interested in learning more about trauma response and how to best intervene.

SaintA participated in the breakfast at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, along with a number of Wisconsin-based non-profits concerned with trauma-informed care. The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families was the host organization, along with Mrs. Walker.

As a panelist, SaintA client Alisha Fox bravely shared her story of childhood sexual abuse by her father up until she was about 14 years old. Fox, now in her early 20s, is no stranger to speaking her truth in hopes it will help others. “We all want to get the word [about trauma-informed care] out in order to change the city of Milwaukee and change nationally and globally,” she said in a TMJ4 interview.

Fox has spent years working with trauma-informed care experts, and alongside her family, to understand how what happened to her as a child affected her life as a teenager. She knows the effects could be even more devastating to her health and wellbeing today if she hadn’t found resilience.

Fox was recently interviewed for a 60 Minutes segment with Special Correspondent Oprah Winfrey, who also sat down with SaintA Chief Clinical Officer, Tim Grove. Watch that segment on CBS All Access or read the full transcript.

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