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Blanket Donation

SaintA recently received a phone call from Calvary United Methodist Church in West Allis inquiring whether they could accept a donation of handmade blankets. “It was perfect timing because we were just wrapping up our annual Toy Drive and these blankets will make great gifts for some of our kids,” explains Cassie Jeffery-Miller, SaintA Advancement Coordinator.

Calvary’s Knitting & Crocheting (K&C) group had chosen SaintA for its fall short-term project. The group meets on their campus on 107th Street in West Allis. According to one Calvary member, Geraldine Gjerseth, the blankets for SaintA were a special, seasonal project but the church also has an ongoing Prayer Shawl Ministry.

“We started our Prayer Shawl Ministry after I saw what a comfort one was to my brother when he was ill. That was nearly 12 years ago and we’re still making them,” she says. Although the prayer shawl and knitting circles are getting smaller, due to aging members, a modest group from the church and community is still dedicated to the mission of providing comfort for those in need.

According to Geraldine, “Some of the people from the community come to help us because they just love knitting.” And, that really helps them get projects done, like the blankets for SaintA or baby beanies and scarves for other charities.

Geraldine attributes Calvary’s interest in supporting SaintA to a Milwaukee Police Officer who works with one of her neighbors. At last count, she says, that officer has adopted 6 children, including from SaintA. He has also shared with Geraldine how important it is to provide comfort for kids in out-of-home care, given all the turmoil typically surrounding them.

“It sounds like a community of like-minded people all coming together for our kids,” says Cassie from SaintA. “We feel fortunate that they thought of us and we are putting the blankets to good use.”

It’s not too late for you to support SaintA!

Please contact Anna Benton at 414.465.1347 or or click on our Donate page to make a year-end contribution.

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