An Adoption with Class (Literally)

Abby with St Coletta classmates

On Monday, August 29, 10-year-old Abby, a student at Milwaukee’s St. Coletta Day School, was adopted by her foster mom Ann Novotny. Because of her close-knit school community, Abby’s classmates spent what was supposed to be their first day of this academic year at Children’s Court, witnessing her adoption, instead.

Abby Novotny

Afterwards, Abby, her forever family and her classmates went to a park to celebrate the day, which Abby had been looking forward to for more than a year. The first question she had once the adoption was final was, “Did you put [the name] Abby ‘Novotny’ on my desk yet?” and her teachers assured her they had.

Abby’s mom, Ann Novotny, is a SaintA licensed Treatment Foster Care provider who is no stranger to adoption. In fact, Ann has adopted seven other children, bringing her total kid count to 9, including her biological child (now an adult) and of course, Abby.

Ann & Abby

“Every adoption story is significant,” says Michelle Sieg, SaintA Director of Marketing and Communications. “This one was extra special because Abby’s classmates got to introduce themselves to the courtroom and be present for their friend’s very special day.”

This feel-good story of family, friends and special needs being met, was covered by every major local Milwaukee news outlet and went on to be told to national audiences as well.

You can get more of the story here: 10-year-old girl finds permanent home with forever family and here: Classmates come to watch 10-year-old girl with special needs be formally adopted.

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