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  • Sensory Processing Disorders & the “Just Right” Zone

    As kids, we learn about our five senses: hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste. These sensations are how we regulate and interact with the world around us. Though it seems pretty straightforward, the sensory system is actually quite complex, especially if a child has a sensory processing disorder (SPD), which could be related to learning ...
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  • SaintA Insights included in Harvard Paper on Child Development

    SaintA was recently asked to review a paper entitled “Applying the Science of Child Development in Child Welfare Systems” published by the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University. Teri Zywicki, CEO; Ann Leinfelder Grove, Executive Vice President; and Denise Pilz, Vice President of Programs all offered feedback to lead author Steven D. Cohen, ...
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  • Capitol West Academy Recognized for Character-Building Practices

    Capitol West Academy (CWA) is a public charter school on Milwaukee’s northwest side. In addition to being a National School of Character, they were recognized over the summer by Washington D.C.-based The K4-8th grade school received Promising Practices recognition for the work they do to build character as well as academic accomplishments in students. The ...
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  • Josh & Ross: A Story with Lots of “Likes”

    Foster Parent Facebook Group! Did you know there’s a Facebook group especially for SaintA Foster and Adoptive parents? If you’re licensed through SaintA*, you’re welcome to join us. *Must be currently licensed through SaintA for client privacy. How many of us can say a single social media post changed our lives? That’s exactly what happened for Ross Katzman, 56, of ...
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  • Pilot Program Includes Foster Parents in Family Time

    In their first years of life, children are 100% dependent on their parents for safety and basic physical needs. But they also need help regulating their physiology, attention, behavior and emotions. If a child experiences adversity such as neglect, maltreatment or exposure to violence early in life, they are left with a gap in their ...
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  • Career Educator Brings Experience to Northwest Side

    Milwaukee, Wis. – Capitol West Academy (CWA) has hired Mora Anderson, Ph.D., as Coordinator of Student & Family Services. Dr. Anderson brings 23 years of educational experience to CWA and is pleased to be back in an urban setting and at a K4-8th grade school. Mora Anderson, Ph.D., hired as Capitol West Academy’s new Coordinator of ...
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  • When it Comes to Siblings, It’s all Relative

    Like most sisters, 2-year old Davina and her 7-year old sister Marla (not their real names), fight over whose turn it is to play on the iPad. “We go through phases with sharing,” explains Emily Kenney, their foster mom for the past year and a half. In that time, Emily has seen how important routine ...
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  • Reunification Day Celebrates Families Being Whole Again

    On June 30, 2016, dozens of local families gathered on the east lawn of SaintA at 89th and Capitol Drive. It was a true summertime celebration, complete with kids’ games, balloon animals, grilled foods, freshly popped popcorn, a drum line from Express Yourself MKE, a four-legged friend from the Wisconsin Humane Society, and so much ...
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  • Young Foster Mom Is Wrapped in Family Support

    Courtney Chavez is a young social worker who has answered the call to care for vulnerable children both professionally and personally. “Because of my career, I saw the need and was already inclined to become a foster parent,” she says. “But at the same time, early on, when I was working as a child welfare ...
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  • 25 Years of Growing Hope

    ”I still call them my ‘children,’” says SaintA foster parent Judy DeVries. Behind her, there’s a collage of photos of former foster kids comingled with snapshots of her family and grandkids. She rattles off names and shares snippets of stories about the kids she and her husband, Jim, have fostered over the years. Twenty-five years, to ...
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  • Responding to Urban Trauma in Real Time

    With Hendriel Anderson, Mobile Urgent Treatment Team Last month, SaintA and the City of Milwaukee co-hosted a conversation about childhood adversity and its impact on our urban communities. Several local adversity and trauma informed care experts gave a panel response after the keynote address, “Childhood Stress and Urban Poverty: The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on ...
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  • Foster Parents Curb the Chaos, Provide Structure for Kids

    When we asked several youth from SaintA’s Independent Living Services what makes a good foster parent, some of the answers surprised us. In addition to being loving, caring and supportive, find out what makes a good foster parent. Watch the video, featuring our ILS youth in their own words, below. Passion. Determination. And believe it or not, ...
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  • SaintA Foster Parents Recognized for Exceptional Care

    Thomas and Lillian Rivera, SaintA licensed foster parents, received a Governor’s Foster Parent Award on May 2 at the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison. The award was presented by Secretary of the Department of Children and Families, Eloise Anderson and Wisconsin First Lady Tonette Walker. The Riveras were one of six families to receive this annual ...
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  • Unconditional Love Is Critical to Foster Kids’ Futures

    We asked several youth from SaintA’s Independent Living Services to reflect on what it feels like to hope for, have, and occasionally be surprised by, unconditional love. Now young adults, many are going to school, to work and into parenthood themselves. And they all demonstrate what happens when resilient children grow into persevering adults. Watch the future ...
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  • What Happens When Bio and Foster Parents Work Together?

    In the video below, former foster kids talk about how stress on the child can be eased when they see their bio and foster parents working together. What’s more, when bio and foster parents work together to nurture the child, permanency can usually be achieved more quickly. When you become a foster parent, you can also ...
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