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  • Investing in Children’s Mental Health is an Investment in Wisconsin’s Future

    Originally published as an Op-Ed on by Amy Herbst, Vice President of Child Well-Being at Children’s Wisconsin and Ann Leinfelder Grove, President & CEO of SaintA The COVID-19 pandemic has been a threat to the well-being of many of Wisconsin’s children and families. While the focus over the past 12 months has been ...
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  • Thank You to the Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation

    We would like to thank the Oprah Winfrey’s Charitable Foundation for their support in 2020.  They provided SaintA with a grant the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic that helped us deliver telehealth mental health services to 158 Milwaukeeans. The gift to SaintA to best support its clients was an extension of Ms. Winfrey’s ongoing relationship with the ...
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  • Diverse Suppliers and Providers Network Creates Bridge for Families to Resources

    When a family becomes involved with the child welfare system, it can be difficult for them to connect with the resources they need to thrive. SaintA’s Diverse Suppliers and Providers Network acts as a bridge between our families and community resources so they can overcome barriers to success, like the lack of insurance or inaccessibility to resources.  Vice President of Child and Family Well-being Dwayne Marks and ...
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  • Ann Leinfelder Grove on The NEW Look Podcast

    Our President and CEO Ann Leinfelder Grove recently joined US Representative Mike Gallagher (R-8th) on his podcast, The NEW Look, to discuss trauma informed care. Along with other Wisconsin TIC leaders, former First Lady Tonette Walker, Vice President of Mental and Behavioral Health of Children’s Wisconsin Amy Herbst, and Library Director at Waupaca Area Public ...
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  • Getting Ready for Fall in South Milwaukee Schools

    The 2019-2020 school year wrapped up in the most unexpected way due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This fall, education will continue to look different and SaintA’s school-based therapists are adapting in order to provide students with the care they need – whether in-person, online or blended. Anxiety, depression, unresolved trauma, and now isolation, are hurdles children ...
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  • As Mental Health Needs Increase, SaintA is there for Students

    The need for mental health care for students has increased steadily in recent years. According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services mental health dashboard, the number of children who received ongoing, high-intensity mental health services in 2019 was 36 percent higher than just five years earlier. The number who received short-term situational care was ...
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  • Connection over Perfection: Creating a Trauma Sensitive School in Beloit, WI

    Students Seemed Happy Brice Gustafson has always worked hard to make his third-grade classroom a safe place where kids can learn. “My classroom always had a community circle, and the focus was always on the whole child,” says Gustafson. “Students seemed happy, and parent requests for my room were always heavy.” So, when Gustafson’s school principal emailed ...
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  • Transforming Outcomes for Children, Families, and Community

    Racine County Human Services Adopts Trauma Informed Perspective In 2017, Racine County had its highest number of children in out-of-home care (foster care, etc.). Case managers already couldn’t keep up with the workload, and early data from community Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) surveys and local home studies showed that there was significant trauma in children and ...
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  • COVID-19 in the LGBTQ Community

    The LGBTQ community has been hit hard by COVID19. The virus has spread rapidly over the past few months, and does not seem to discriminate against who can fall victim. However, certain groups are more vulnerable than others. At one point, here in Milwaukee, African Americans were hit hardest by COVID-19 while cases in Latino neighborhoods ...
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  • Gift from Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation Creates Healing Bridge

    The Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation has awarded SaintA a grant to provide telehealth mental health services to some Milwaukeeans hit hardest by COVID-19. The grant enables us to outfit 158 of our clients, who would not otherwise be able to access quality mental health care while Safer at Home, with devices and internet access for ...
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  • Former Foster Youth Have Shakier Foundation than Most

    Perhaps some of the most crucial services we provide at SaintA are the ones created for former foster youth. We estimate that at least 1,000 Milwaukee youth have aged out of foster care in the past 5 years – most without the proper support systems to transition to adulthood under the best circumstances. A pandemic like ...
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  • Train the Trainer, Transform a School: A Case Study of the Vel R. Phillips School

    The Vel R. Phillips School is unlike any other school. As a part of the Vel R. Phillips Juvenile Justice Center, its students are placed in secure detention. Many are awaiting court decisions that could severely impact their lives. Roughly half of the student population has a learning or behavioral disability. Most are only there ...
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  • SaintA Offices Temporarily Closed

    Effective Friday, March 20, 2020 at 5 p.m., SaintA offices will be closed until further notice. Business operations and clients services remain open with modified delivery methods (see below.) We can still be reached at 414.463.1880 (Capitol Drive Campus) and 414.604.5800 (Summit Place in West Allis.) We strive to stay ahead of public health efforts to ...
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  • SaintA Takes Action to Help Contain Coronavirus 

    SaintA is committed to keeping clients and staff safe as we tend to the health and well-being of the people we serve each day in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin. Since the coronavirus outbreak began, the Executive Team and Safety Committee here at SaintA have been monitoring the situation to understand the risk to our community. How ...
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  • SaintA Works Hard to Combat Youth Sex Trafficking

    Wisconsin ranks third in the nation in sex trafficking cases. Milwaukee is a big hub, being on a straight line from Chicago to Minneapolis via freeways, with several vulnerable cities along the way. You probably didn’t know that. And SaintA is working hard to spread more information about it and to change community perceptions. But, more ...
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