New Foster Parent Steps Up to the Plate

I have been with SaintA since March 2015, facilitating family interactions between biological parents and their children. I also interact with foster parents, relatives and other family members on a consistent basis. My experience has led me to believe that foster parents have one of the most important jobs in the world in caring for children. I’d like to share an example with you.

Ada Young
Ada Young

I met a wonderful foster parent who recently was licensed by SaintA. She is seeking to take placement of her best friend’s daughter’s child, who is currently with another foster parent. This new foster parent has been very cooperative since I first met her, and she has said that she will do anything she can to help this 1-year-old girl, who she will soon be caring for in her home.

She also was approved to supervise bi-weekly visits with the girl and the biological parents, to help smooth the transition from the child’s current foster placement.

I recently planned to facilitate a five-hour supervised interaction session with the girl’s biological parents, but the parents cancelled the interaction on short notice after I had already picked up the child from the foster placement. This meant that the girl would have to be taken back to the current foster parent, who lives over an hour away.

The newly licensed foster parent said she wanted to spend more time with the little girl and would be willing to take her back to the current foster parent’s home later that evening. This woman’s willingness to work together as a team has been beneficial for everyone involved. Some children experience difficulty with transitioning from an interaction with their biological parents, therefore, there are many benefits to having foster parents involved. This foster parent’s willingness to transport the girl helped create a smoother transition back to the current foster parent’s home.

This foster parent also has taken the initiative to supervise interactions between the mother and her daughter, and she includes the mother in community outings.

Being a foster parent can be challenging, but with this foster parent’s willingness and cooperation, the transition for the parents and child has been smooth.

Thank you to all our foster parents who continue to make the commitment to caring for children.

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