National Adoption Day: “If We Can Do This, So Can You”

Kristin and Greg Roberts and Alissa and Andrew Getzin have a lot in common. Both couples are foster parents. Kristin and Alissa are both in caregiving careers. And, both families are adopting children on November 19, the day before National Adoption Day.

November is National Adoption Month, but November 20 is specifically National Adoption Day. Families from all over the country select this special day to create their forever families through adoption. “We’re just excited to make it official,” Greg Roberts said.

Before transferring to SaintA as foster parents, Kristin and Greg fostered seven children. Once they transferred their license, their first placement with SaintA will become their adopted son, one-and-a-half-year-old Liam (pictured above).

The Roberts have a good relationship with Liam’s mother. “It was a big moment for us when his mom and dad voluntarily terminated their parental rights, because it showed us how much they trusted us. They said they were okay with Liam being with us.” Moving forward, the Roberts family will stay in touch with mom, and especially the grandparents, who they’ve met a few times. “We want to invite them to church and to holidays,” Kristin said.

Navigating the unique excitement and hardship of an adoption was something both families had to deal with. “I have a heavy heart for the biological families — their stories and redemption,” Kristin said.

“Trauma is generational, so one thing I’ve tried to advocate for is remembering that, although we’re moving forward with an adoption, it’s also a hard time for a lot of people.”

Alissa Getzin has worked in child welfare for about 10 years, which has taught her a lot about the system and fostering. “Throughout my career, I have really developed a heart for birth parents and foster parents, and how they can coexist together,” she says.

In Alissa’s case, both biological mom and family haven’t been in the picture at all, yet she respects their decision, and agrees that family connections are important post-adoption. The Getzin’s first placement, 10-month-old Levi (pictured right sidebar), came shortly after they got their license through SaintA in January of 2021.

When she tells others that she’s adopting, she’s often met with excitement, but lately she has felt the need to respond back, “Do you understand the magnitude of what an adoption is? Adoption means trauma and separation from another family,” Alissa responded, echoing that the day is extremely joyful and exciting, but also deeply sad and difficult.

The Roberts and the Getzin families have been some of each others’ biggest supports. Alissa has babysat Liam, and both families stay updated on each other’s lives regularly. Both couples do not want to be perceived as “special” or “better” for being foster and adoptive parents.

“We’re not superheroes,” Kristin says. “We’re real people. So, if we can do this, so can you.”
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