More Foster Parents Desperately Needed

While perusing Facebook one Saturday evening, I came across the video clip below, which had been showing up on several of my friends’ pages. I finally decided to watch it. It captured the reality of children in foster care, the reality of how hard it is to provide care for them, and their desperate need for stability and love. I was spellbound by the video and sobbed, hard, for a long time when it came to an end.

Rachel Castillo

My role here at SaintA includes overseeing placement matching, and to be perfectly honest, it’s often difficult. There are simply not enough homes for all the children needing placement. A large reason why this video brought me to tears was that the very night before we struggled for many hours to find homes for a sibling group of three, and unfortunately in the end they were all put in separate, short-term homes. Our goal is to keep siblings together whenever possible, as well as place them in a long-term resource, with someone who is equipped to not only care for them, but to love them throughout the difficult times. It’s hard when the reality doesn’t meet those expectations.

Foster parenting is TOUGH; it’s a role that takes a very special person to do and do well. It’s opening yourself and your family up to scrutiny, lots of people in and out of your home, and to children who will require lots of extra attention and special care.

But, I know there ARE people out there who currently are AMAZING foster parents, and I must believe that there are more people out there who could be.

Please take time to watch this short video (it’s approximately 10 minutes). If after watching it, you think you could be one of those amazing and inspirational people who may be capable of being a great foster parent PLEASE call us – the children in our system desperately need you.

Go to our website, for complete information on becoming a foster parent. Then, please, contact us, toll free, at 855-GROW-HOPE.

Interested in learning more about our foster care and adoption services? Visit


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