Amid a Lot of Unknowns, Stability for One Foster Boy

Foster Parent Impact: Stability

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Antuan’s team consists of case managers, licensing and placement specialists and of course, his foster family.

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Throughout the month of May, we are publishing blog posts from SaintA staff who know our foster families well and who are so appreciative of everything they do for children.

Read the blog post below about one family who exemplifies one of the 5 Ways Foster Parents Impact the Lives of Children: Stability.

A Complex Journey

It wasn’t long after Rose and Zeke Patterson became licensed foster parents that Antuan came into their lives. First, they provided respite care for a child-specific foster family that was struggling with caring for the boy.

And, shortly thereafter, they agreed to take placement of Antuan. That was in April of 2014.

Since then, the case has gone many different directions. First there was consideration of reunification with his birth father who lives in Mexico and whom he had not known since he was a young child. The Pattersons encouraged him to talk with his father over the phone, knowing that whenever it’s safe and possible, kids should be with biological parents.

When reunification with his father didn’t progress, Termination of Parental Rights (TPR)/adoption was discussed but the case was complex and TPR could not be pursued. The Patterson’s considered putting in a private guardianship petition but ultimately did not go that route. Private guardianship does not include state insurance and private insurance was cost prohibitive for the family.

Antuan’s case once again hit a point where there were no good permanency options.

Before Permanency, There’s Stability

Karen Thiel
Karen Thiel

Despite the complications, the case is currently in court proceedings. It’s slow going as the birth dad is in Mexico and the birth mom has been in and out of incarceration.

Even though the case has taken many different directions, the Pattersons are the adoptive resource currently and the family has been open to helping Antuan find permanency in whatever way is possible.

Along with the case changes, the Pattersons have also remained committed to Antuan during his behavioral ups and downs, with his educational struggles, therapy services, and “normal” adolescent behaviors.

Even though his case has taken some time, the Pattersons have provided consistent time and attention, providing Antuan with the stability he needs to thrive.

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