Co-Parenting: Good for Kids and Parents

Foster Parent Impact: Relationships

Care for Birth Parents as Well as Children

The Sieglaffs have a knack for working with biological families. SaintA licensing staff and case managers play a role too.

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Foster parents Nicole and Brittany Sieglaff currently have their hands full with 10-month old twins. But, caring for the little boy and girl is just the beginning of their commitment to the birth family.

Read on for a blog post that describes one of the 5 Ways Foster Parents Impact the Lives of Children: Relationships.

Two Sets of Parents for Foster Twins

When Nicole and Brittany took placement of the twins, they almost immediately started working to include the birth family in the babies’ lives.

They send pictures, communicate through texts, and have even had the birth mom over for dinner. Milestones, like getting the girl’s ears pierced, also come with an invitation for the birth mother to be there.

In all of their placements, the Sieglaff’s are very supportive of birth parents and honor the relationships they develop with the biological family. They are avid supporters of reunification and work hard with the birth family and case managers toward that goal.

Adopted Daughter still sees Bio Siblings

Marande Buck
Marande Buck

In fact, the couple has an adopted daughter who continues to have contact with her biological siblings. If the birth mother becomes stable and interested in contact, the Sieglaffs would consider supporting that relationship as well.

It’s clear to us that the relationships the Sieglaffs develop are very important to them personally – and to the goal of reunification whenever possible.

The Sieglaffs have continued to exemplify great co-parenting skills with their current placements as well as previous placements. Co-parenting encourages the biological parents and involves them in their child’s lives, even while in foster care.

You can read about this co-parenting model, called Fostering Relationships on our foster and adoptive parent online portal,

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Top 5 Ways Foster Parents Impact the Lives of Children


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