A Foster Boy with a Very Bright Future

Foster Parent Impact: Future

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As a licensing specialist with several years of child welfare experience, Lisette Whittaker knows how important the present day is to the future of a child.

That’s one reason she is so impressed by foster parents Zandra Webster and Barbara Collier. She feels the Webster/Collier family exemplifies one of the 5 Ways Foster Parents Impact the Lives of Children: Future.

Read her blog post about the family below.

Future Focused

Zandra Webster and Barbara Collier have been licensed foster parents with SaintA since 2015. Their daughter Aria was adopted in January of this year and their son, Cory, was adopted in March of this year.

The couple also had placement of Cory’s brother prior to his reunification with his birth mother. While his brother was able to return home, Cory’s behaviors would have made it difficult for his mother to care for him full-time.

Everyone involved felt that the Webster/Collier family was a loving, safe and appropriate home for Cory for the long term.

Future plays an important role in Zandra and Barbara’s lives as they continue the journey of shared parenting with Cory’s mother. They have established a positive and strong relationship with her since the very beginning of their parenting partnership.

They are actively involved in each other’s lives. The two families spend time preparing and eating dinner together, planning holidays and birthdays together, having play dates, playing board games, going to the Zoo, and going to the movies.

Though this is not a very traditional arrangement, the co-parenting model is proving to work well for Cory’s famil(ies). And, it represents a lot of future promise for children and biological parents.

Family is Family, No Matter What

Lisette Whittaker
Lisette Whittaker

Zandra and Barbara and Cory’s mother will alternate weekends where one keeps all the girls and the other keeps all the boys. Cory is able to still maintain a relationship with his mother and his siblings.

With the extra love and support from the Weber/Collier family, Cory’s siblings were able to be safely reunified with their mother. Zandra and Barbara consider Cory’s family as their family and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Although they adopted just Cory, they feel they have adopted a whole new family. The providers plan to continue to build their future together as a family.

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