Training and Consultation For Law Enforcement

Many of the communities law enforcement are called to serve in are impacted by trauma. As a result, law enforcement personnel can also become vulnerable to the adverse effects of trauma.

SaintA’s trainings are designed to help:
  • Bring awareness to the risk of trauma for officers
  • Teach departments how to implement trauma informed practices into their procedures
  • Mitigate the impact of trauma on officer well-being

Upcoming Trainings

SaintA is following current CDC and City of Milwaukee recommendations regarding wearing face masks. They are required in SaintA facilities including for all in-person trainings.

Introduction to the 7 Essential Ingredients of Trauma Informed Care for Law Enforcement – NEW DATES COMING SOON!

Prevalence. Impact. Perspective Shift. Regulation. Relationship. Reason to Be. Caregiver Capacity.

Learn the basics of these Seven Essential Ingredients, and discover how SaintA’s unique model of Trauma Informed Care will help you:

• Describe the prevalence of adverse experiences and the scope of their impact
• Define and respond to behavior from a trauma informed perspective
• Describe how trauma affects the brain and influences development, learning and behavior
• Identify factors that enhance the capacity for positive relationships for people who have adverse experiences
• Describe how purpose, belonging and safety enhance a person’s well-being
• Identify techniques that enhance caregiver capacity and connect them to outcomes
• Identify action steps to enhance trauma informed services

Trainer: Tim Grove & Corey Norlander     Cost: $120

Trauma Informed Care Train the Trainer for Law Enforcement – NEW DATES COMING SOON!

SaintA is holding an open session for law enforcement personnel who are interested in completing a 4-day session to become certified to teach and support colleagues in their department. This Train the Trainer (TTT) process has already been used by a number of law enforcement departments with overwhelmingly positive feedback

At is core, Trauma Informed Care (TIC) teaches that “emotional” trauma (from experiences like physical and sexual abuse, violence, etc.) often stays with people well beyond the incident – in the form of flashbacks/nightmares, trauma “triggers” and other long-term effects that can eventually cause serious problems. For some, trauma can play a role in their pathway to drug use and addiction.

Unfortunately, the public we protect and serve aren’t the only people susceptible to the effects of trauma. Law enforcement personnel are also vulnerable, and the TIC training co-prioritizes the need for us to be aware of trauma and its risk to our well-being.

All TTT participants will leave with a clear appreciation of trauma’s potential effects and strategies to prevent and effectively respond to it.

Trainer: Tim Grove & Corey Norlander     Cost: $2,500

Trauma Informed Care Train the Trainer Re-Certification for Law Enforcement – NEW DATES COMING SOON!

Participants will attend a two-day workshop in which they will be re-certified by a SaintA training staff on SaintA’s 7ei module of trauma informed care for First Responders. Participants will enhance their knowledge about the underlying research and resources that support 7ei. Participants will be equipped with updated tools and resources to create awareness and inspire a trauma informed perspective in their organization. Participants will receive opportunities for coaching to deliver the content effectively.

Trainer: Tim Grove & Corey Norlander     Cost: $1,000

Consultation and Coaching

In addition to our standard trainings, SaintA can provide customized one-on-one or group consultation and coaching services for your organization. Tell us about your goals and we’ll be happy to discuss options!

Cancellation Policies

Demand for training has been high; we want to ensure all available training slots are filled.

One-Day Trainings: You may cancel your registration up to 48 hours before the program. Your registration fee will be refunded less a cancellation fee. If you need to cancel fewer than 48 hours before the program, you may send a substitute from your organization or transfer your registration fee to another SaintA program of your choice that is scheduled within 12 months of your original event. Please note that if you don’t cancel and don’t attend, you are still responsible for payment. Substitutions may be made at any time; however, we appreciate prior notification.

Multi-Day Trainings: For multi-day trainings, you may cancel your registration up to 10 days prior to the training for a refund of your registration fee less a cancellation fee.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us via our inquiry form.

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