Five Pillars of Stability

Often, we are asked how we help people achieve stability after significant adversity. The answer is simple: one pillar of stability at a time.

Experience and research have taught us that in order to thrive, children and families need to have their needs met in five core areas. SaintA helps people navigate these pillars of stability:

Health: being able to access physical, mental, and behavioral health care and health insurance

Education: finishing high school, obtaining a GED, pursuing post-secondary education and/or job training

Housing: securing safe and stable housing and finding a support system to ensure successful independent living
Employment: developing job skills, getting resume and interview help and finding potential employers  

Caring Connections: actively seeking strong relationships that are key to life success

To support a child, youth or family in any of the Five Pillars, make a donation today or contact our Vice President of Fund Development, Starlet Hayes, at 414.465.1313 or

What Could Your Donation Do?
$1,000 could provide a month of mental health care for a family at the Clinic at SaintA
$500 could supply a Capitol West Academy scholar with a Chromebook
$250 could secure a bed for a Youth Transitioning to Adulthood (YTA) client on moving day 
$100 could help a YTA client get a new interview suit or work attire 
$50 would go to support the areas of highest need at the organization 

Donate now. 

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