Family Services

The Family Services Department provides a variety of therapeutic and supportive in-home services to families in the Greater Milwaukee Area and surrounding counties being served under contract with the Division of Milwaukee Child Protective Services for Intensive In-Home Services and Ongoing Case Management.

Family Preservation Program

The Family Preservation Program’s goals are family preservation, promoting well-being, strengthening family relationships and keeping families together safely. Participation can help families reunify more smoothly or prevent family separations through parent skill development and education. Services include:
  • Shared parenting support using the Fostering Relationships model
  • Supervised parent/child interactions
  • Specialized in-home family interaction sessions
  • Trauma Informed Care interventions
  • Problem solving and conflict resolution
  • Transition planning
  • Family advocacy and reunification planning
Additional services may include:
  • Mentoring, support and development of parenting and home-management skills
  • Coaching family interactions/short-term therapeutic visitation supervision before reunification
  • Prevention and stabilization of crises
  • School advocacy
  • Linking families to ongoing community supports

Foster & Kinship Navigation Services

Foster & Kinship Navigation Services is a voluntary program that provides licensed foster parents and relative caregivers of children in court-ordered care with a variety of services to enhance their ability to meet the children’s needs.

The primary goals of the program are to increase placement stability and to help ensure that caregivers, who are an imperative part of the team, feel supported. This clinical service is caregiver-driven and delivered through regular, face-to-face contact in the caregiver’s home.

Program goals include:
  • Provides caregivers with individualized parent training, support and coaching with a trauma sensitive approach
  • Engages with caregivers in an empathetic and emotionally regulated manner
  • Guides and supports caregivers’ advocacy for the educational, medical and therapeutic needs of the children in their care
  • Enhances caregivers’ ability to navigate programs and systems and become connected to community resources
  • Encourages caregivers to increase their communication and interaction with the birth family and understand their caregiver role
  • Provides the team with assistance in the efforts to achieve permanence
  • Regularly communicates with the case manager and licensing team members regarding the strengths and needs of the placement


The SafeCare® Model is an evidence-based parent-training curriculum for parents of children ages 0-5 who are at risk for or have been reported for child neglect or physical abuse. SaintA SafeCare Home Visitors work with families in their homes to improve parents’ skills in three areas:
  • Parent-infant/child interaction skills
  • Health care skills, and
  • Home safety
SafeCare is typically conducted in weekly home visits lasting from 60-90 minutes each. The program typically lasts 18-20 weeks for each family.

SaintA’s SafeCare program works with families involved with SaintA child welfare or Milwaukee Department of Child Protective Services. The focus of the SafeCare program is to keep families safely together in their homes and to prevent foster care services.

Community Outreach

The Community Outreach team provides SaintA families with community resources that lead to strong, stable lives. Research and experience have proven that when a family has all its basic needs met, they are better able to thrive as a family and individually.

Community Outreach focus areas include: Caring Connections, Education, Employment, Health and Housing. We call these basic needs the Five Pillars of Stability, and are happy to provide families with useful resources for any one (or all) of the pillars.

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