Erika Meyer New Shaw Grant Project Coordinator

Milwaukee, Wis. (11/14/13) — Erika Meyer, a former supervisor in Ongoing Case Management, has been hired as project coordinator for SaintA’s $450,000 grant from the Russell J. and Betty Jane Shaw Fund of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation. The grant funds integrating a trauma informed approach into child welfare at IFS.

Erika Meyer

The three-year grant engages the work of renowned experts in trauma informed care and adverse childhood experiences, Doctors Bruce Perry and Robert Anda respectively, and taps Dimitri Topitzes, an assistant professor in the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, to conduct the external research.

Erika brings to the position more than five years of child welfare experience, and she has prior research experience working on two major research projects related to children. She also is trained in the neurosequential model of therapeutics (NMT™). The creation of Dr. Perry, NMT™ is a biologically informed way to assess when trauma occurred in a child’s development and create ways to mitigate its effects.

In her new position, Erika will work with the grant teams out of IFS and interface with our research partner at UWM. She also will do NMT™ assessments with children in child welfare as part of the project. Two teams from the Ongoing program will work with the grant, those led by Johanna Barkei and Tina McCalligan. Training for them starts Nov. 22. Grant implementation will start Jan. 1.

The Shaws established their fund in 2000 to support medical research on childhood disease.

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