Take Your School to the Next Level After COVID
with our Compassionate Schools Starter Kit Packages

SaintA partners with schools across southeastern Wisconsin to promote trauma-informed programming that meets the mental health needs of students, schools and families.

Our Compassionate Schools Training Packages will help you develop a trauma-sensitive approach unique to your school’s needs, post COVID-19 and beyond.

To discuss bringing one or more of these packages to your school or district, please fill out the Compassionate Schools Training Package Inquiry Form.

School Training Starter Kit

This Package Includes:

  • Introduction to the 7 Essential Ingredients (7ei) of Trauma Sensitive Schools
    Establish collective buy-in among key stakeholders with 5 seats at our Intro Course (enough for leaders in administration, student services, teaching staff, support staff and parents).
    5 participants @ $120 each = $600
  • Equitable Trauma Sensitive Schools Training
    Layer on an equity and inclusion lens to your school-wide Trauma Sensitive Schools work.
    5 participants @ $120 each = $600
  • Certification in 7 Essential Ingredients (7EI) of Trauma Sensitive Schools Training
    Develop trainer expertise and embed the capacity to conduct professional development for all staff within your district.
    2 Trainers @ $2500 = $5000
  • Trauma Sensitive Schools Networking Sessions
    Stay connected with SaintA and colleagues across the country engaged in the work of building a compassionate school climate. FREE Quarterly Virtual Sessions
Regular Price = $6,200

Package Price = $5,000

School Coaching Starter Kit

This Package Includes:

  • Team Coaching and Consultation
    Development of a building-based team. Coaching with initiative leadership team to develop deepened learning, skill and expertise. Development and execution of a school-wide implementation plan.
    30 hours @ $250 = $7500
  • Classroom Coaching Training
    For administration, instructional or behavioral coaches and student services to learn a coaching model to help support skill development to move learning to classroom practice.
    Full-day training = $2500
  • Equitable Trauma Sensitive Schools Training: All Staff
    Layer on an equity and inclusion lens to your school-wide Trauma Sensitive Schools work for all staff, at your site or virtual.
    Full-day training = $2500
  • Tier 2/3 Training
    For administration, special education staff, instructional or behavioral coaches and student services to develop skills for student-specific concerns.
    Full-day training = $2500
Regular price = $15,000

Package Price = $12,000

Continuous Support Package

This Package Includes:

  • School-based Mental Health Services
    Embedding equitable trauma informed school-based clinic into the school building to support the healing and mental well-being of students.
    Completely Covered by Insurance = $0 Cost to you!
  • Ongoing Mental Health Coaching
    Student-specific consultation and support, including development of behavior improvement plans and coaching for implementation.
    12 hours per week for school entire school year = $35,000

Annual Rate = $35,000

Learn more about Upcoming Trainings at: sainta.org/trainings
Learn more about our School-Based Mental Health program at: sainta.org/sbmh

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