The Compassion Curve

Caring for ourselves and others in a COVID-19 world 

Early on, SaintA created an action plan to help staff, clients, and the community reduce the risk of COVID-19. On March 20, 2020, we closed our offices until further notice in efforts to flatten the curve (Services and business operations are still open). 

At the same time that we set the lofty goal to help flatten the curve of transmission of COVID-19, we accelerated what we call the compassion curve.

Best Practice Put to Work (and Home) 

These are indeed unusual times, filled with the stress of remote work and school; anxiety over whether we are doing enough to protect our clients, ourselves and our loved ones; and the uncertainty of how long the danger will last. As we searched for answers and ways to make order of the chaos, along came our favorite framework.

SaintA’s Seven Essential Ingredients of Trauma Informed Care (7ei) is a practice model that stands the test of time. And you don’t need to be a clinician to implement it, model it for others or ultimately affect positive change.

It works for us in our work and personal lives. It is adaptive and relevant.

In this COVID-19 world, the 7ei can provide context and comfort. “The compassion curve represents how we engage the people we serve, act compassionately with each other and our families, and demonstrate compassion for the community,” said SaintA President and CEO Ann Leinfelder Grove as she first shared it with our own staff. 

The SaintA Training Staff have created some useful resources to help you ground your well-being during this stressful time. Both downloads include some content Trademarked by Dr. Bruce Perry of the Neurosequential Network. You can see a special Community Meeting on COVID-19 with Dr. Perry, and join him for future virtual meetings during the COVID-19 breakout HERE.

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