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Quality Parenting Initiative Needs Input

Several SaintA staff members, a SaintA foster parent, and I recently had the opportunity to attend the Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI) conference in sunny San Diego. Wisconsin was one of seven states (as well as California, Nevada, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York) in attendance. QPI is an initiative aimed at providing great caregivers to the children in out-of- home … Continue

Healing Comes in Many Different Ways

On a beautiful day recently, Nichole Ostrowski-Grasset’s Foster Care licensing team spent the afternoon and evening surrounded by proof that healing comes in many different ways. Our team volunteered at LifeStriders in Waukesha, a nonprofit organization that provides life-enhancing physical and psychological experiences and services to individuals with special needs. LifeStriders offers a holistic approach to meeting the challenges many … Continue

Why We Do This Work: Foster Care Licensing

Recently our chief clinical officer, Tim Grove, challenged us all to stay connected to why we do this work. Well Tim, challenge accepted! I supervise five of the foster care licensing specialists, who work directly with the foster parents of SaintA. At our most recent team meeting, we gathered around some delicious ice cream sundaes (our idea of brain food), … Continue

A Memorable Evening for Treatment Foster Care Families

A picnic, a training, an award ceremony, and fun, therapeutic activities….what a great evening for our treatment foster families! On Tuesday, July 29, our Treatment Foster Care (TFC) Program hosted the TFC Picnic and Training at the SaintA main campus, an event that we hope was memorable for families and staff. TFC is out-of-home care by foster parents who have … Continue

International Experience Brings Lots of Pride

As I sat on my long flight home from Canada recently, I reflected back on all of the presentations and knowledge learned from a week at the ChildTrauma Academy conference. I couldn’t help but compare my discussions with other agencies with our work at SaintA, and specifically within our Treatment Foster Care program. I felt pride that SaintA has been … Continue

Why Divorce Is Essential For Foster Parents

Original post from My wife, Andrea, and I were together for almost four years before we got married. It took me about three years to realize I wanted to marry her. Andrea only needed about three months. She’s a pretty patient woman. The biggest hurdle for me was believing I was ready to commit to a life long journey … Continue

Need for Foster Parents Is Staggering

May is recognized as national Foster Care Month. The need for individuals and couples to become foster parents is truly staggering. Miriam Webster defines the word “foster” as “affording, receiving, or sharing nurture or parental care though not related by blood or legal ties.” Foster care is intended to provide a temporary living arrangement for children who have been removed … Continue

Sensory Trainings Fun for Clients and Staff

The SaintA Treatment Foster Care (TFC) program deals with many children who have difficulties regulating their emotions and behaviors, which can impact many areas in their lives. SaintA recognized this as a common difficulty for these children, and to assist them, and their foster parents, the TFC program created sensory trainings in early 2013. The sensory trainings are presented by … Continue

Real Life Superheroes

On the ride into school the other day, my 4-year-old son asked me, “Mommy, are Superheroes real?” I thought a little bit before responding and came up with, “Yes buddy, real life superheroes indeed are real. Real Life Superheroes are people who give kindness to those who need it.” (This response seemed to satisfy him, thank goodness!) My son’s little … Continue

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