Care Coordination

SaintA provides care coordination in partnership with Wraparound Milwaukee, a managed care program operated by the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division. Wraparound is designed to provide comprehensive, individualized and cost effective care to children with complex mental health and emotional needs.

Wraparound Milwaukee serves families living in Milwaukee County who have a child who has serious emotional or mental health needs, is referred through the child welfare or juvenile justice system and is at immediate risk of placement in a residential treatment center, juvenile correctional facility or psychiatric hospital.

Care coordinators work with the children and families, helping them to develop a care or treatment plan based on goals and resources that are needed to support the family. Formal services are provided through the Wraparound Milwaukee Provider Network to meet mental health, social and other support needs. The support networks empower families to see themselves through difficult times. Services are individualized, strength-based and family focused.

SaintA also has a Wraparound REACH care coordination program, a voluntary program for families who have a young person with serious mental or emotional health needs that affect the youth’s ability to function at home, school or in the community but who is not yet involved in the child welfare or juvenile justice systems.

For more information, contact:

Angela D’Fantis
Director of Community Services
(414) 465-1317

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