Big Growth in Treatment Foster Care Homes

Teresa Cocker

2013 was a year of growth for the SaintA Treatment Foster Care program in Milwaukee.

We started the year serving 55 children within our Level 3 treatment foster homes and ended in December with 68! A growth of 23%!

So how did we do it?

SaintA is fortunate to have experienced staff who have worked in this field for many years and truly believe in the mission of our program and the children with whom they work. This includes our recruitment staff, licensing staff, treatment foster care specialists, and supervisors who provide the needed support and services to our families and children.

Our program is also fortunate to have an occupational therapist on staff who works closely with each and every client placed in our program and helps our foster parents tailor individualized treatment to the children in their home.

We have unbelievable foster families who accept children with complex needs into their homes and make a commitment to care for a child even during the most challenging times. With SaintA’s commitment to trauma informed care, our staff and caretakers work closely with children to mitigate the impact of their trauma history so they can heal and remain in a stable home until permanency is achieved.

With a lot of hard work, commitment and maybe a little bit of luck, all of these things came together in 2013 to allow us to grow and positively impact the lives of more children and families.

We look forward to another year of hard work and growth. Thank you to our staff and our foster families! And anyone reading this who is interested in becoming a treatment foster parent, please check out our website devoted to foster care We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.


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