At SaintA, We Are Better Together

Our mission is to facilitate equity, learning, healing, and wellness by restoring the connections that help children and families thrive. We fulfill that mission through an array of community-based services that impact over 5,000 people each day—people like Shay.

With the help of SaintA, Shay has been able to get her first apartment, learn to code, and become an advocate for foster youth like herself.

Youth in Need

The odds are stacked against youth like Shay who are aging out of foster care. More than ever, youth need help in navigating independence through the complex systems that are barriers to their success.

This year in the US, approximately 20,000 youth will age out of the foster care system as they turn 18 or 21. Youth who have been in foster care are at increased risk of poor educational outcomes, homelessness, and unemployment.

Transitioning to Adulthood

SaintA’s Youth Transitioning to Adulthood (YTA) Program currently helps 200 youth in our care with supportive case management and coordinated resources for Housing, Employment, Health, Education, and Caring Connections. These Five Pillars establish a strong and stable foundation for our youth, so that healing can begin on their pathway to thrive. 

With Your Help We Can Accomplish Much More

This year, SaintA celebrates its 170th year. A gift from you will help us continue to serve youth in our care and potentially reach more young adults in need of our support. Thank you for supporting our mission.
SaintA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and donations are tax-deductible. If you wish to mail an individual or corporate donation, you can make a check or money order payable to:

St. Aemilian-Lakeside Foundation
c/o Development Coordinator
8901 West Capitol Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53222

Learn More About Our Work

In 2019, SaintA forged new community relationships and nurtured long-standing partnerships.

See a snapshot of our program innovations, reach in the community, and the collective impact of our work in the 2019 SaintA Annual Report.

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