Autumn at the Crossroads

The other day I enjoyed a moment of serenity, marinating in the warm scent of pumpkin spice from my office. I found peace watching a group of our Residential Treatment Program lads laughing and working together raking the front yard.

In their smiles, I couldn’t help but wonder what their lives would be like had they never received the support and safety that we try to offer.

Chris Kangas
Chris Kangas

As the fallen leaves danced in the wind around them, my reflections took me back to the many similar shared experiences I had throughout my own life that buffered the pain of my youth and inspired my reason for being that brought me to where I am today.

As a child and family therapist, I am often asked to measure outcomes to determine the impact our efforts have made on the children and families we serve.

As a child survivor of domestic violence, I can say with absolute certainty that the majority of the difference we make can never be determined because it is in the invisible realm of what was prevented from ever happening.

And it is in such shared experiences with leaves and laughter that true healing takes place.


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