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5 Observations About Trauma

In our 10 years of practicing and teaching trauma informed care (TIC), we have seen a great deal of progress. Social services agencies who didn’t know what TIC stood for, five or six years ago, are diligently training their constituents. Schools that have historically felt plagued by “bad” or “disruptive” behavior are looking at their students through a different lens … Continue

Trauma Sensitive Schools: A perspective, not a profession.

As the academic and developmental needs of school children continue to increase, there’s an ever-increasing expectation that teachers help meet those needs. Not surprisingly, this leaves teachers feeling overwhelmed. They often report that they don’t have the time, nor do they feel qualified, to adequately support students. And, it leaves administrators feeling protective of their teachers who are already stretched … Continue

SaintA Leads Wisconsin Discussion on Adverse Childhood Experiences

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are “one of, if not the leading, determinant of the health and social well-being of our nation,” according to Robert Anda, the co-principal investigator for the ACE Study. Sara Daniel ACEs have been shown to have a strong influence on smoking, alcohol abuse, illicit drug use, sexual behavior, mental health, homelessness, workforce performance. They also increase … Continue

Learn More About Trauma Sensitive Schools

For many years now, I have had the good fortune of working with a group of professionals from around the state working on increasing trauma sensitive practice in schools. This group has produced some amazing work, including a toolkit of resources available on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website. We originally launched the site in 2011 with a PowerPoint … Continue

The Importance of Our Trainings

We were pleased to note that members of our SaintA team recently were recognized in the Instructor Forum, a quarterly publication put out by the Crisis Prevention Institute, (CPI). Therapist Chris Kangas, Jeff Stephani, who heads our Transitions Therapeutic School, and Tim Grove, Chief Clinical Officer, presented a case study in which the neurosequential model of therapeutics (NMT™) tools were … Continue

Thoughts About Neglect and Early Care

Recently a group of our staff in our Trauma Informed Care Learning Collaborative had a very interesting conversation that I continue to think about. We were talking about the impact of neglect on the children in our care. The general consensus was that we really know a lot about abuse and how to help children who have been subjected to … Continue

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