Author Archives: Jane Doolan, Independent Living Services Supervisor

Young Adults Learning to be Good Parents

This past fall, our Independent Living Services team hosted another round of Parents Interacting With Infants (PIWI) sessions. For those of you who have been following us since PIWI’s inception, this was our third class in the series. The sequential experience of facilitating the six-segment series has contributed to our expertise, and this most recent session was our most gratifying … Continue

The ILS De-Stress

As the supervisor of SaintA’s Independent Living Services programming, I’ve often been asked, “Are you crazy?” The question arises following my explanation of what ILS is all about. I ponder the inquiry and respond, “a little bit crazy, yep.” I smile as I say this, acknowledging the sense of humor one must have to do this job. Those inquiring parents … Continue

Making Up for Lost Time

“There is no substitute for hard work” —Thomas Edison Remember your first day on the job? Likely you experienced this milestone in your teen years, maybe as a young adult. Likely you started with an entry level job: fast food, service sector, retail. We all started somewhere. Chances are you received some coaching/direction from the adult caregivers in your life: … Continue

A Solid Relationship Turns a Life Around

This is a story of Shanay finally finding a home …within herself. Shanay entered SaintA’s Independent Living Services program when she was 18; that was four years ago. Shanay’s birth family has extensive history within the child welfare system. As one of many siblings in the foster care system, Shanay learned early on that trust was non-existent, and the best … Continue

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