Author Archives: Adrianne Walschinski, Clinical Services and Staff Development Supervisor

NMT Info Sharing, From Scotland to SaintA

This past fall, SaintA welcomed a visitor from Scotland. Dan Anderson, Senior Forensic Psychologist of Kibble Education and Care Centre, spent two days with us.┬áDuring our conversations, Dan and I realized Kibble and SaintA have a host of similarities: Kibble was founded in 1840 upon the death of philanthropist Elizabeth Kibble who left a portion of her estate to establish … Continue

How to Reach the Top of the Mountain

In June I was one of eight representatives from our agency who attended the inaugural NMT Symposium, hosted by Dr. Bruce Perry, ChildTrauma Academy staff, and Hull Services, an agency in Alberta, Canada, that provides mental health and behavioral services to children and families. This trip allowed me ample opportunity for new experiences, and I was eager to get in … Continue

Best Thing About the Job: Providing Hope

I am the new Clinical Consultant-NMT Specialist for SaintA, providing child-specific assessments and recommendations through referrals to our clinical services program. NMT™, which stands for Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics, is a metric tool that was developed by trauma expert Dr. Bruce Perry of the ChildTrauma Academy. It looks at the neurobiology, developmental history and current levels of functioning of a … Continue

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