Agency Expanding Treatment Foster Care Statewide

I am very excited to share with you that SaintA has made the strategic decision to expand treatment foster care and case management services statewide. We are hiring additional staff in the western and central regions of the state to support our recruitment, licensing and case management efforts. As you might imagine, the demand for high-quality, trauma-informed treatment foster care services is definitely statewide.

Becky Connell

These expanded services will bring the SaintA experience to many more children and families across our state. Many aspects of our programming truly set us apart, and our focus on providing quality caregiver education and support is vital to the retention and satisfaction of our foster parents. Our commitment to foster parents being integral members of the treatment team is a key component to great outcomes for children and families. And our emphasis on providing services in a trauma informed manner also helps ensure the well-being of the children and families we serve. These are topics we promote when talking with individuals and families who are interested in learning about being licensed with SaintA.

Late last fall, we licensed our first treatment foster family in the western region of Wisconsin, Wendy and Chris Attoe of Chippewa Falls. This trail-blazing SaintA treatment foster family came to us with more than five years of fostering experience at the county level, and they previously had fostered children ages birth to 17 years old with a variety of needs. We are very fortunate to have such a caring and skilled couple as our first licensed family in this service area. As time passes, many more licensed families from western and central Wisconsin will join our foster care program, as there are additional families in the licensing process.

The Attoes’ first placement is a 17-year-old girl who Wendy and Chris already have established a positive caregiving relationship with. They have welcomed her into their family, established services for her and supported her in her academics. The Attoes are helping her with independent living skill development such as supporting her in a search for a part-time job, acquiring her state I.D., birth certificate, Social Security card and establishing her own savings account. She already has a part-time job and is doing very well in the home, school, job and the community.

Given the Attoes’ passion for foster care and their awareness of the ongoing placement need, they were open to considering additional youth for placement in the home. In early March, they accepted placement of a sibling set of two. The children are adjusting very well to the home, schools and community. Wendy and Chris are very committed to working in collaboration with birth families, and have established positive relationships with the parents of all the children in their home. And they have been excellent ambassadors of SaintA from the very start. They have spoken to family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances to promote the agency and have encouraged others to contact us about licensing.

As we always say, the need is great; the rewards are greater. Anyone throughout the state of Wisconsin who is interested in learning about fostering through us should call 855-GROW-HOPE or visit to get started.

May is National Foster Care Month. It is a special time to honor foster parents and express our appreciation for the important work they do. We are very proud of their dedication and caring. They are an inspiration, and we hope now to add many more, throughout Wisconsin, to our team.


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