A Family Created in the Courthouse

When my husband and I decided to get married we talked about making plans. Neither of us is much for being the center of attention so we wanted to go to the courthouse. This seemed like a good idea also because we wanted to focus our resources on celebrating our new family with those we care about, not putting on a production. As I’m sure anyone could guess, our mothers both questioned our choice.

One was concerned about what people would assume, especially because once we decided to go to the courthouse we saw no reason to wait and were going to be married a month later. The other mom thought we might regret not having the memory of a ceremony down the road. We did think about our decision and talked quite a bit about it, but stuck with our plan. I think we were both very happy with how things went for our marriage and neither of us has ever regretted not having a ceremony. This winter I think we learned why.

A little boy was placed in our home in July through the fostering program, and in February we adopted him. As I made plans for adoption day it started to dawn on me that the two days were quite similar. How perfect that we not only created our family in a courthouse, but became parents in one, too. Once again, in the courthouse, our family grew.

If I ever thought that one day I might question not having had a wedding ceremony, I certainly will not now. Both days were such happy occasions, and I remember being absolutely giddy during both. Both the court commissioner and judge presiding over the occasions said such lovely things and helped to create very memorable events.

I wonder what else we can do in the courthouse to help form our family…

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