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Work committees provide cross-agency staff with reasons to interact with each other in ways that are informal yet productive. According to Bain & Company, “[Work] committees are indispensable and they enable a company to get its work done.”

Or, in the case of our Wellness Committee, hopefully enable staff to get their difficult child- and family-serving work done in a way that’s both healthy and productive.

In late 2016, SaintA started a new committee called Wellness IQ Initiative because its purpose is to strengthen our physical wellness, as well as our knowledge. I was intrigued by the committee due to my own journey of wellness, and my increased understanding of how personal wellness impacts all aspects of our lives and work.

The Wellness IQ Initiative very much believes in the SaintA 7 Essential Ingredients (7ei) of trauma informed care, with our favorite ingredient being Caregiver Capacity (#7). We know how very important it is to take care of ourselves so we can be our best selves as we take care of, and interact with, others in our work and personal lives.

Six Dimensions of Wellness

As our group dived into wellness, we also learned about the six dimensions of wellness, which include occupational, physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and social. I know for many of us, including myself, it was eye-opening to consider wellness from each of these perspectives.

Too often, we only focus on one or two of these areas in our own lives, and don’t realize the importance of having wellness in all six dimensions. You can learn more about the six dimensions of wellness on the National Wellness Institute website.

Always Learning

One of my favorite aspects of being part of the Wellness Committee is learning from my colleagues. We start each meeting with a quick check-in to hear what others are doing for their own wellness. We also try to incorporate at least one wellness activity into each meeting.

Through these two agenda items, I have gained some great insight and new ideas to enhance my own wellness. Some examples of wellness activities include doing a mindfulness mediation from headspace.com, learning about how to use a printable labyrinth for relaxation and focus, and doing a written gratitude activity.

Wellness at Work

It is the mission of the Wellness IQ Initiative to further develop a culture of well-being. As part of our work, it’s important to share wellness ideas and learning experiences with others. We have hosted presentations on financial freedom, interactive trainings about resilience, and chair massages during agency events, just to name a few.

I’m humbled to be one of the staff who gets to provide knowledge and support to my SaintA colleagues. When we share our knowledge, it always leads to enhanced wellness and improved caregiver capacity.

What are some of your wellness at work tips? Share them in the comments below!


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