70 Low-Cost, Family-Friendly Things to Do (When it’s 70 or Warmer)

If you’re like most of our staff, you’ve been waiting (im)patiently for the weather to turn nice so you can enjoy everything Milwaukee has to offer. 

Our Community Outreach and Engagement teams recently partnered with our Marketing Department to create a list of things we thought our families, youth and kids in care might enjoy. First, it was a top ten list, but it quickly expanded to 25 and from there, it scaled all the way up to 70.

Why 70, you ask?

Because we thought it would pair nicely with our desire for the temperature to break that threshold. We hope we were right and we’ll let you be the judge of that. 

So Many Types of Family Fun 
The list is organized into nine general categories and the fun begins Memorial Day Weekend and goes until the nice weather runs out (roughly September and into autumn.) 

If you like any of the following experiences, this list is for you: 
  • Festivals
  • Food 
  • Learning Excursions 
  • Only-In-Milwaukee Sites and Activities (like bowling or the Bronze Fonz) 
  • Outdoor Hiking, Biking and Swinging (yes, there’s a Swing Park on the list!) 
  • Waterparks and Pools 
  • Weekly Music Series and Markets
Enjoy the spring weather with your very own copy of 70 Things to Do!


If you’d like to know more about our Community Outreach team, please read about the Youth Transitioning to Adulthood program, in which they are embedded. If you’re wondering what Community Engagement is all about, they’re the folks who specialize in foster parent recruitment and they’d love to hear from you if you want to become a licensed foster parent. 


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