Yearly Archives: 2021

National Adoption Day: “If We Can Do This, So Can You”

Kristin and Greg Roberts and Alissa and Andrew Getzin have a lot in common. Both couples are foster parents. Kristin and Alissa are both in caregiving careers. And, both families are adopting children on November 19, the day before National Adoption Day. November is National Adoption Month, but November 20 is specifically National Adoption Day. Families from all over the … Continue

Customized Care: Occupational Therapy Through SaintA

Colleen Beck from the OT Toolbox puts it simply when she states, “Occupational therapy allows people to live fuller, functional lives by promoting health, wellness and independence despite illness, injury or disability.” At The Clinic at SaintA, we primarily work with children in out-of-home care, youth who have recently returned home from a foster care placement or have been adopted, … Continue

The Importance of Kinship Care

September is Kinship Care Month, which highlights and celebrates the importance of kin caregivers. Kinship care is the placement of children with non-parent relatives, such as grandparents, or like-kin adults who have existing relationships with youth and their families, such as family friends. For many families and communities, it’s a long-standing and important practice to work together to care for … Continue

How Does Change Happen in Schools?

The past year has been an incredible time of adaptation, refinement and change in our schools. This comes on the heels of decades of educational evolution as we respond to the growing need for diverse learning strategies and social and emotional support. Even before the pandemic, schools had a pattern of trying out new innovations every few years, each implemented … Continue

SaintA Steps into Early Childhood Sector to Help Prevent Childhood Trauma

Research has proven that experiences in early childhood have a significant impact on brain development.  It is a critical time for shaping a child’s future. High-quality, early education and care can provide a safe and nurturing environment for young children to learn and grow, while giving them a solid foundation for their future education.  It can also act as a buffer for any stress they may be experiencing.   “Because of SaintA’s understanding … Continue

Defining the Next Normal in a Post-COVID World

Since March 2020, life has changed drastically as our nation has struggled with a global pandemic, racial injustice, a challenging election and civil unrest. Early on, scientists warned of the impact of these stressful events on physical and mental health. One year later, these impacts have come to fruition. Researchers are finding that due to the inability to cope with … Continue

What is Resilience?

I’ve started to do a new activity in my virtual trainings: I ask participants to write in the chat box whatever word comes to mind when they hear the word “resilience.” Immediately, the chat box begins filling up with descriptive words. Perseverance. Strength. Grit. Flexibility. Then, I ask participants to categorize the words they see based on whether the focus … Continue

Transforming Systems of Care: What’s Going On in Racine County

Do you remember your first job as a helper? Mine goes back more than 25 years when I was hired as a Treatment Foster Care therapist for Community Impact Programs in Racine, Wisconsin. I still remember so many formative experiences: my first court hearing, my first missed court hearing (which got me properly chewed out by the county case manager), … Continue

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